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Thank you for your interest in purchasing a puppy from Oodles of Doodles LLC.  It is our mission to provide you with the best experience possible as you seek to add one of our beautiful puppies to your family.  The following paragraphs are intended to provide you with all of the information you need to make this very important decision.


If you have found yourself on this page, it is likely that you have already decided that a Goldendoodle is the right fit for you and your family.  We consider all of our dogs to be members of our family and we trust that you will treat these puppies much the same way.  

Before we start, please note that all of the information contained in these sections will be memorialized using our standard Purchase Agreement.  You may view the Purchase Agreement by clicking here.  I strongly encourage you to review the Purchase Agreement prior to making a deposit on any litter.  We offer six early deposits on each litter at $200.00 per deposit.  This amount is non-refundable except in the event that less than six puppies are yielded from a litter.  In that event, we will be happy to refund your deposit.  In other instances, including a lack of gender preference, we will be happy to transfer your deposit to a future litter of your choosing provided that there are unreserved spots available.  The order in which we receive deposits determines the order in which puppies are selected.  Selection typically occurs during the fourth week after birth.  In the event that you are unable to place a deposit we will be happy to add you to our Waiting List to see if more than six puppies are yielded from your desired litter.  Again, Waiting List order is determined on a first come, first serve basis and those picks will only begin after all those customers placing a deposit have selected their puppy.

Purchasing a puppy is a very important decision.  Large breed dogs, like the majority we offer, require a great deal of attention.  It is important to us, and the development of your puppy, that you are able to show them the care and attention that they not only need, but deserve.  We would ask that you agree to either continue feeding your puppy FROMM GOLD dog food or another high quality dog food such as Blue Buffalo, Merrick, or another of your choosing.  Your dog will also need plenty of exercise, generally a minimum of two miles per day.  It is important that you have an area where your dog can run, play and work off some of the energy that they seem to have in endless supply.  It is also important that you groom your dog on a regular basis, brushing daily at minimum.  I believe that it goes without saying that finding a good veterinarian and keeping regular wellness checks is vitally important.  If you're in agreement with these items, then I believe you have come to the right place to purchase your new puppy.

For those of you who do place a deposit, and also those on the Waiting List, you can expect that after birth, we will update you regularly with status reports and plenty of photos as the new puppies begin the first days of their lives.  This information will be extremely helpful when the time comes for you to choose your new puppy.  This picking process will be carried out through telephone or email contact after you have had sufficient time to view all of the available puppies and to learn a little about their personalities and characteristics.  We are happy to FaceTime or fulfill reasonable video requests.  Given our concern for maintaining a clean facility free from common illnesses and diseases, we ask that while puppies are in house that no one visit our kennel prior to puppies receiving their first round of shots during the six week old veterinary appointment.  Young puppies are simply too succeptible to diseases, some of which like parvo can be tracked in on shoes and clothing weeks after exposure and live for weeks or months.  As much as we dislike it, we must be strict in enforcing this rule for the health and wellness of the puppies. 

All puppies sold will be released to their new owners with their dew claws removed, first round of shots, deworming, microchipping and a health report from our veterinarian.  We require in our Purchase Agreement that you allow your veterinarian to check your puppy within five days of leaving our facility in order to remain in good standing under the terms of our Warranty.  For more information on the specifics of our Warranty you may click here.

Your new puppy is also released subject to other terms of our Purchase Agreement.  All puppies will be registered with the Continental Kennel Club if they are a Goldendoodle or English Cream Doodle while all Golden Retrievers and Poodles will be registered with the Continental Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.  These registrations will be limited and no breeding rights will be transferred unless previously agreed to before purchase (additional charges will apply).  We will also require that puppies to be Spayed/Neutered prior to their first birthday or as soon as recommended by your veterinarian.

In the event that, for whatever reason, you decide that your puppy is not a good fit for your family we require that you contact us first before rehoming.  As I have said, we consider all of our dogs to be members of our family and that commitment does not end when they leave our facility.  Should you determine that you are no longer able to care for your puppy we will be glad to assist with the rehoming process.  We are even willing to help you sell the puppy and recoup a portion of your purchase price.  In no event, however, will we issue a refund for these reasons.  If you are unable to rehome your puppy into an acceptable home, we ask that you return your puppy to our facility and allow us to see that it is placed in a loving home as we are sure you originally intended.

After puppy selections have been made and the puppies have been cleared to leave our facility we will contact you to arrange for your new puppy to be taken home.  We typically block off a Saturday for puppy pickup.  We will work with you to schedule a time when you may pickup your new puppy at our kennel.  We will be sure to allow enough time between tickets so that we may visit and review all of the important information you will need to care for your new puppy.  When the time comes to pickup your new puppy, we will arrange to meet you locally.  We do offer delivery through a reliable ground shipper and limited shipment via airplane (additional fees apply). 

Deposits for all of our puppies will be $200.00.  This amount is non-refundable but may be transferred to future litters (certain exceptions apply).  The total purchase amount is subject to 6% Kentucky Sales Tax and all balances are due at the time of transfer of ownership.  Deposits are accepted through PayPal and a Buy It Now button is located on our Upcoming Litters page.  For balances due, we only accept cash, certified check, or money order.  If you are interested in financing, PayPal does offer six months same as cash if you desire to finance the balance due.  Please note that there will be a small additional fee for using this service. 

Thank you for taking the time to review this information related to the Adoption Process.  If you have questions, concerns or comments, please reach out to us through email or one of our social media platforms.  Buttons for social media are located at the top of each page.  We hope that you consider purchasing one of our wonderful puppies.  It is our sincerest wish that they bring you just as much joy as they bring to our family.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please visit the following links to read more about the specifics of adopting a puppy from Oodles of Doodles LLC.

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